Authentic flavour luxury

We abide by our authentic Slovenian and traditional restaurant offer. We promise nothing but the best.

You will love the wide range of delicious selected dishes served with top quality Slovenian wine. The elegant ambiance of the Vita Restaurant and its wonderful view of the natural beauties of the area with green forests will create a great atmosphere for socialising and enjoying great cuisine.

When you feel like having something sweet, you can choose from our fresh desserts and cakes prepared daily at our Vita Restaurant and Café. The desserts are distinguished by the exceptional quality of their carefully selected ingredients, freshness and supple flavours. We are famous for our desserts. You can also order cakes for various celebrations.

Let us take care of festive dinners and celebration lunches on, such as birthdays, communions, or confirmations. With excellent cuisine and service, we will turn your event into a memorable culinary adventure.

To ensure future newlyweds spend the best day of their lives as relaxed as possible, we are with them from initial idea to the last minute of the wedding day. With several years of experience and a rich tradition of wedding ceremony preparations, nothing will be left to chance.

Organising seminars and special social events requires a special approach, knowledge, suitable environment, state-of-the-art seminar rooms, and a range of additional services to motivate and relax participants. We will show you how to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Our culinary story is intertwined with the spa resort’s rich history. We have prepared a special Bacchus Feast for celebrations, with entertainment as it was at the time of Ancient Rome. The event is a great experience, with guests dressed in roman togas and crowned with laurel wreaths enjoying culinary delicacies with their bare hands.