Bacchus feast

Ancient Roman Entertainment

Our culinary story is intertwined with the spa resort’s rich history. We have prepared a special Bacchus Feast for celebrations, with entertainment as it was at the time of Ancient Rome. The event is a great experience, with guests dressed in roman togas and crowned with laurel wreaths enjoying culinary delicacies with their bare hands.

History that inspires

There are always enough reasons for celebration and joy, and we always prepare special celebrations, which will leave you with pleasant memories and strong bonds, making your future life or work path even more genuine and successful.

At Terme Dobrna, we have returned to our rich history. It is evident from old records that our area was visited by the Romans, who were most familiar with the effects of medicinal water and the natural beauties of Dobrna, and known for truly enjoying life spiced with great parties and feasts in honour of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and merrymaking. 



The wine cellar below Vila Higiea is open for group booking.


T: +386 3 78 08 164 or +386 3 78 08 110


It is with great pleasure that we at Terme Dobrna devote a part of our exceptional and rich offer to Bacchus with our Bacchus Feasts, respecting his protocols:

  • Upon arrival at the feast, everyone is offered a welcome drink.
  • Entry to the wine cellar is through the castle hall lit by a garden fire.
  • Hands must be washed in a wooden bucket.
  • Roman togas and laurel wreaths must be worn.
  • The ruling couple of the evening and night is selected.
  • The ruler invites guests to the laden table, and the herald presents the menu.
  • Food is eaten with bare hands.
  • The guests drink white and red wine from the Roman cellar.
  • Cheerfulness is obligatory.
  • Everyone attending a Bacchus Feast is rewarded with an unforgettable night of fun, often prolonged to the next day. The relaxed atmosphere, spirit of the past, delicious food and moments when we can even forget about daily manners are assurance that such slightly different entertainment or business closing events will not be forgotten anytime soon.

The minimum number of feast participants is 12, the maximum 30. For special occasions, we can organise a feast for up to 150 people in the Ceremonial Hall or Spa Centre’s Small Hall.