Year-end events

Cheer on new success

End-of-year parties are a great opportunity to enjoy ourselves with relaxed conversation and to connect with co-workers, employees and business partners. Celebrate success and the promise of future challenges in a relaxed ambiance with excellent cuisine.


With our complete party and celebration planning and first-class culinary services we will make your event a memorable adventure.


  • Menu structure and price upon agreement; classically served dinner or cold-warm buffet.
  • Free live dance music every Friday and Saturday in the Vita Restaurant and Café.
  • Thematic parties for a special atmosphere.
  • Five locations to choose from for your celebrations.
  • For small and large groups up to 200 people.



Monday to Friday: 8.00 to 16.00

T: +386 3 7808 164


Disco night    

If you want to end the business year with the modern rhythms of DJ music, dancing until  the early hours of the morning and sipping delicious cocktails, this is the right place for you.

Festive dinner and entertainment    

The wonderful ambiance of the hall and excellent food and drink will enhance your evening.

Country Feast or Bacchus Feast    

Nostalgic and different – have fun the way Ancient Romans did.
Slightly different entertainment, a relaxed atmosphere, the spirit of the past, delicious food and moments when you can forget your daily manners.

  • Programme: hand washing ritual, laurel wreath crowning, dressing up in Roman togas and eating without cutlery.
  • A maximum of 25 persons.
  • For large groups, up to 150 people, the feast can be organised in the Spa Centre’s Hall or Hotel Vita’s restaurant.

The offer refers to a limited number of offers. Please, contact us for exact charges.