Spa Centre


The heart of the thermal spa resort

Built in 1624, the Spa Centre is the central and oldest building in the spa resort; it has been the heart of the spa resort for centuries thanks to its thermal spring with healing water and marble thermal baths, preserved from 1874.



Today’s building originates from when the spa resort was established. Through its development, the building has witnessed much renovation and addition. Due to its architectural and design properties, it is protected as a heritage settlement.

The thermal water’s beneficial properties were appreciated by its many visitors centuries ago, amongst them Louis Bonaparte, Napoleon I’s brother, who stayed at Dobrna in 1809 with other soldiers wounded in the French-Austrian battles; he paid his tribute to the spa centre by having the rocky floor of the pool levelled.

Today, the Spa Centre, with its majestic hall from 1847, is the scene of elite cultural and entertainment events, and unique body and mind pampering in the marble thermal baths preserved from 1874.

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