A good night’s sleep is the prerequisite for a healthy life. Adults need 7 to 9 hours of calm sleep a night. Unfortunately, today’s hectic lifestyle takes its toll and it is believed that at least 35% of our population does not get enough sleep. This generally leads to diseases associated with sleep deprivation: increased blood pressure, obesity, stenocardia, brain stroke, ADHD, depression, and the like. It has been scientifically proven that 150 min of physical exercise a week significantly improves the quality of our sleep. Less than 7 hours of sleep a day increases the risk of a heart attack by 1.45 times and the risk of hypertension even by 2.1 times. Less than 5 hours of sleep a day increases the feeling of stress, anger and sadness. These feelings completely disappear after only two nights of healthy sleep. Inability to fall asleep can be the first sign of depression. Chronic insomnia increases depression development by 5 times and anxiety even by 20 times. Sleep apnea is relatively unrecognised and more common when accompanied by loud, chronic snoring. It has even been proven that people who get enough sleep are visually more attractive as they get the so-called beauty sleep.
Without physical contact, we will measure your sleep, its duration, the time it takes you to fall asleep, the time when you wake up and get out of bed, and we will also determine your sleep cycles: deep sleep, light sleep, and REM. Deep sleep is important to calm down the vital organs, REM is essential for cognitive function regeneration and normal expression of feelings. While you sleep, we will assess your heart rate and possible tachycardia or bradycardia episodes. We will also record your breathing and possible snoring, determine if you have sleep apnea, and inform you with the risks you are exposed to.
Furthermore, we will discuss your medications which might disrupt your sleep and can be the cause of insomnia or poor sleep quality.

Program includes

Program includes:

  • 5 x overnight stays in Hotel Vita****,
  • 5 x breakfast (rich buffet),
  • 5 x dinner at A la carte restaurant Vita, recommended by chef according to healthy eating guidelines, 
  • late check-out till 12 a.m.,
  • welcome in a room – fresh fruit and water,
  • consultation with doctor upon your arrival about the program, and final consultation upon departure,
  • 1 x cholesterol blood test, blood sugar, blood pressure and EKG,
  • 2 x individual therapeutic exercise (stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, exercises with therapy tools),
  • 1 x biospectrum,
  • pillow bar selection for a better sleep,
  • unlimited entry to thermal water swimming pools,
  • 1 x aromatherapeutic massage (50 min.) in Massage & Beauty centre La Vita,
  • 1 x relaxation massage (50 min.) in Massage & Beauty centre La Vita,
  • 2 x acupuncture treatment for better sleep,
  • 1 x relaxation foot massage (30 min)
  • 2 x bath in healing thermal water in Old Spa Centre – Zdraviliški dom,
  • visiting the energy points in the 200-year-old spa park,
  • drinking healing thermal water from the thermal spring in Old Spa Centre – Zdraviliški dom,
  • bathrobe and spa bag rental,
  • free parking space.

Supplements daily per person in EUR

Tourist tax 2,50 €
Full board 15,00 €
Suite superior in Hotel Vita – per person/day 35,00 €
Check-in fee 1,50 €

Valid from 03/07/2020 till 30/12/2020 (stay from Sunday till Friday or from Monday till Saturday). Package for Vila Higiea valid from 03/07/2020 till 30/12/2020.