Included services:

  • 14, 21, or 28 x half board,
  • a check-up with our infectologist,
  • developing a tailored treatment-rehabilitation program - inpatient type,
  • the treatment process:
    • 1 x per week blood check-up - CBC, N-retention, liver function test,
    • peripheral catheter insertion, application of antibiotics and other medicines as determined in the tailored treatment program,
    • 5 x per week doctors' round,
    • 1 x per week physical therapist consultation,
    • 1 x per week oxygen therapy in the Oxy capsule,
    • detoxification,
    • 1 x per week Ayurveda lymphatic drainage,
    • 1 x per week reflex foot massage (30 min),
    • 2 x per week classic body massage (45 min), 
    • 3 x per week individual whole-body relaxation,
    • 3 x per week Epsom bath,
    • 3 x per week Bio-Spectrum therapy,
    • 2 x per week thermal bath in the Spa Centre (Zdraviliški dom),
    • 2 x per week inorganic peloid,
    • 5 x per week Zapper therapy,
    • immunomodulatory therapy (a minimum of three types of medicines): one month,
  • bathrobe rental during your stay,
  • entry to thermal swimming pools in Hotel Vita,
  • spending an active break in nature (walks, hikes, energy points),
  • drinking thermal water daily,
  • final report and control examination by an infectologist,
  • free Wi-Fi and parking near the hotel.


Accommodation per person 14 days 21 days 28 days
Boutique Hotel Dobrna **** | superior double room 4.130 € 5.650 € 7.230 €
Boutique Hotel Dobrna **** | single use 4.620 € 6.330 € 8.050 €
Hotel Vita **** | double room 3.350 € 4.550 € 5.800 €
Hotel Vita **** | single room 3.650 € 4.970 € 6.300 €
Hotel Vita **** | nursing double room 3.540 € 4.880 € 6.220 €
Hotel Vita **** | nursing single room 3.845 € 5.300 € 6.720 €
Vila Higiea **** | double room 3.250 € 4.400 € 5.650 €
Vila Higiea **** | single room 3.555 € 4.820 € 6.150



Surcharge per person per day in EUR: 

tourist tax 2,50 
check-in fees 1,50 
full board 15,00 
deluxe room BHD* 10,00
premium room BHD* 25,00
suite (Vita, Higiea) / room 15,00
superior suite (Vita) / room 35,00
balcony (Vita) / room 7,00
balcony BHD* (superior, premium) / room 15,00
late check out until 5 p.m. 30,00

*BHD – Boutique Hotel Dobrna 

Pre-payment: When booking the pre-payment in the amount of 2,000 EUR for a 14-day program, 3,000 EUR for a 21-day program or 4,000 EUR for a 28-day program is mandatory. The difference to the final amount of the program is paid on the spot in accordance with house rules.

Prices include VAT and are valid per person for the selected number of nights in a single or double room. Tourist tax and check-in fees are not included. Surcharges according to the regular price list 2022. Offer refers to limited number of rooms and is informative. We reserve the right to stop booking, change prices and program content without advanced notice. For calculations of package price please contact our reservation office. Discounts and benefits are not cumulative and cannot be combined. Prepayment is non-refundable. We reserve the right to adjusted operating at the time of the restrictive measures (COVID-19).


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Why should you choose this treatment program?

At Terme Dobrna we will try to help you with the latest discoveries, opinions, ideas, and methods, with which we will try to achieve the same goal - improvement of your health. We have over 30 years of experience treating patients who have fallen ill after being bitten by a tick or other insect.

Who is the program for?

The program is further aimed at patients with all forms of active disease, including those who have already been unsuccessfully treated with standard methods, as well as patients with chronic infection and post-therapeutic Lyme syndrome. If you show signs of associated infections transmitted to you by a tick, we will treat them as well.

Treatment of Lyme Borreliosis and associated diseases

You can opt for the most modern treatment of Lyme Borreliosis with antibiotics and with the support of immunomodulators, diet, and balneotherapy. You can also opt for treatment without synthetic antibiotics, with naturopathy and plant antimicrobial extracts. In both cases, you will receive individual treatment from specialist doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychotherapists.

  • We listen to our patients,
  • we cooperate and are part of the Association of Patients with Lyme Disease of Slovenia,
  • we include instructions from the Declaration on Lyme Disease adopted by the European Parliament in November 2018,
  • we take into account the IDSA and ILDS findings,
  • and we are trying to find a new ways to cure this insidious disease.