Relax and nourish your body

We have been using natural factors for your perfect relaxation and body and mind vitality for centuries. Relax and allow us to pamper you, and make you feel supple and new again.

Unique pampering, face and body care treatments, indulging fragrances, pleasant lighting and skilful hands of our therapists will become your best friends on your journey of pampering.

New boutique cosmetics based on the spring thermal water of Terme Dobrna. Buy it for yourself or as a gift in our hotel shop.

A magical view of the forest, the sounds of nature, a soak in a whirlpool … Isn't that exactly what you need?

Take adventage of special price.

Bathing in thermal water offers an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and at the same time has a beneficial effect on health.

Indulge in a unique relaxation in the warm thermal springs, which are a source of well-being for centuries.