Relax and nourish your body

We have been using natural factors for your perfect relaxation and body and mind vitality for centuries. Relax and allow us to pamper you, and make you feel supple and new again.

Treat yourself to relaxing moments in the private ambiance of the VIP sauna Park at the Park Hotel.

Unique pampering, face and body care treatments, indulging fragrances, pleasant lighting and skilful hands of our therapists will become your best friends on your journey of pampering.

You can pamper yourself in the heat of Hotel Vita’s sauna complex; its attractive range of steam, Finnish and IR saunas are supplemented by pleasant rest areas, cooling water and stone path, ice cave, cooling and massage pool, and vitamin bar.

»Anyone who has seen how strong, rejuvenated and cherfull have the weak old men left this bathhouse will be able to appreciate the effects of the thermal spring.« (From Dr. Kottowitz's spa guide from 1850)

The swimming pools (3rd floor of the Vita Hotel) are open for hotel guests and daily visitors from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.