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Unique pampering, face and body care treatments, indulging fragrances, pleasant lighting and skilful hands of our therapists will become your best friends on your journey of pampering.

Massage and rituals

A massage restores inner harmony as it relaxes you, has a therapeutic effect on you, and it gives you energy. A massage has been proven to improve health by reducing fatigue and the level of stress hormones, strengthening the immune system, lowering the frequency of headaches, soothing pain in the back, decreasing muscular tension, soothing depression, improving skin health and the flexibility of the body.

Clasical massage (20 min.)   30,00 €

Classical or Swedish massage combines elements of Greek, Chinese, Egyptian and Roman manual massage techniques. It activates the release of the so-called happiness hormones, restores energy balance and reduces stress. Give yourself the gift of complete relaxation.

Classical massage (30 min.)   40,00 €

Classical or Swedish massage combines elements of Greek, Chinese, Egyptian and Roman manual massage techniques. It activates the release of the so-called happiness hormones, restores energy balance and reduces stress. Give yourself the gift of complete relaxation.

Classical massage (50 min.) 54,00 €

Classical or Swedish massage combines elements of Greek, Chinese, Egyptian and Roman manual massage techniques. It activates the release of the so-called happiness hormones, restores energy balance and reduces stress. Give yourself the gift of complete relaxation.

Sport masssage (50 min.)   62,00 €

Specially designed for absolute comfort and relaxation combining deep smoothing and pressure, with drumming motions along areas of tension helps relieve strain due to exercise, stress, bad posture.

Thai massage (50 min.)   62,00 €

An energetic sports massage, which focuses mainly on stretching the body and applying pressure on energy points. It promotes greater joint flexibility and improves blood circulation. It strengthens the internal organs and their vitality. During the massage, you are dressed in comfortable cotton clothing.

Detoxing clinical aromatherapy massage (50 min.)   64,00 €

Stimulation of acupressure points on the meridians of the body, which regulate digestive and detoxifying functions, the functioning of the immune system and relieves tension in the body.

Antistress clinical aromatherapy massage (50 min.)   64,00 €

therapy focuses on the back, shoulders, neck, face, and head. Acupressure, lymphatic drainage and massage techniques relax tense muscles and the nervous system.

Argan oil massage (50 min.)   62,00 €

This massage uses classical or Swedish massage techniques, with the addition of argan oil, which is a potent antioxidant, rich in vitamin E and a true elixir for the skin. It is commonly referred to as "liquid gold". Add a touch of Morocco to your life.

Relaxation cocktail (50 min.)   62,00 €

With slow and rhythmic movements we release stress and tense in muscles, the mixture of oil and cream will additionally nourish the skin.

Relax Foot Massage (30 min.)   42,00 €

A special pressure points manual technique on the feet. By doing so, we discover blocked energy channels, release them, and stimulate the flow of energy and improve our health.

Chocolate massage for two (50 min.)   100,00 €

Chocolate pampering with candlelight, a glass of sparkling wine and a sweet surprise.

Massage "La Vita" (50 min.)   62,00 €

The specialty of this massage is the active ingredients of essential oils with added thermal water from the Terme Dobrna spring. All of the above improves the skin's defense mechanism and promotes its blood circulation and function. Highly nourishing fatty oils protect the skin, promote its ability to regenerate and have a beneficial effect on the connective tissue of the skin.

Royalty pampering (50 min.)   75,00 €

Several hand techniques which include body and face. Offer yourself a complete relax of nourishing oils that will restore your skin shine, elasticity and a smile to your face.

Prestige massage (50 min.)   75,00 €

Treatment which offers the luxury of pampering on the body and has a beneficial effect on your well-being.

Ritual detox and relax (90 min.)   115,00 €

Deep relaxing body massage inspired by Shiatsu method to release stress and strain. The body is detoxified and stimulated, the skin is soft and nourished.

Ritual "Indian wisdom" (90 min.)   115,00 €

An original treatment protocol inspired by ancestral Indonesian beauty rituals to bring about powerful well-being for the body and mind by rebalancing their energies.

Ritual "LaVita" (120 min.)   135,00 €

The treatment combines chronobiology with added vitamin or mineral complex. the skin on the face and body will be nourished and radiant after the treatment.

Ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda is an old system of Hindu traditional medicine. It emphasises the importance of an individual and their uniqueness.  Its three elemental substances, the doshas (Vata, Pita, Kapha), describe the state of the spirit and are used to establish the causes of body imbalance of an individual person. When this is established, a gentle, yet effective and most of all natural healing process of such person can start. Ayurveda helps reach the harmony of the spirit and the body.

Abhyanga (80 min.)   100,00 €

Indulge your body and mind in the wonderful world of Ayurveda's anointing. Whole body treatment with warm oil, selected according to the dosha, designed to restore the balance of the body.

Padabhyanga (40 min.)   57,00 €

Ayurvedic lymphatic drainage, which accelerates the movement of the lymphatic fluid and the elimination of toxins from your body. This technique is gentle on your lymph nodes, because the waste is eliminated through the secretory organs. After the massage, your legs will feel lighter and your legs and you will feel an overall sense of well-being.

Indian Head Massage (30 min.)   42,00 €

For everyone suffering from headaches, migraines or stress. Or for those, who simply enjoy it.

Ayurveda ritual (120 min.)   160,00 €

Professionally trained therapists will help you cleanse, detoxify and relax. The ritual covers all aspects of health as it promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

Facial beauty treatment

Facial care will provide natural protection to your skin; it will cleanse it, restore its smoothness and balance, and also nourish it.

Facial treatment (30 min.)   40,00 €

Includes cleansing, peeling, serum, protective cream adapted to the skin type.

Facial treatment (60 min.)   65,00 €

It includes cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, mask and massage. It is intended for soothing the skin, cleansing and nourishing, adapted to the condition of the skin type.

Intensive facial treatment (90 min.)   115,00 €

A facial with antiaging and anti-stress effects. Deep cleansing mask with an immediate lifting effect, a special relaxing massage technique for the face, neck and décolleté. Treat yourself to a pampering treatment.

Prestige facial treatment (120 min.)   180,00 €

A treatment that offers the luxury of pampering on the face. We restore the barrier function of the skin and stimulate the skin to regenerate. With the help of 3D LED technology, we will eliminate irregularities such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and restore tension and youth to the skin.

Eyebrow and eyelash treatment   15,00 €

Beauty body treatments

Cryoderm (60 min.)   70,00 €

A unique treatment that includes several machine techniques for the face. In the course of a one-hour pampering experience, we will restore moisture, remove blemishes, increase the production of the skin’s own collagen and restore glow on the skin of your face, neck and décolletage. You will look younger and feel happier!

Body analyzer tanita   15,00 €

With the use of a body analyzer machine, we can determine, in an accurate, painless and reliable way, tissue composition, the percentage of water in the body, the percentage of body fat, muscle mass, fat mass, metabolic age, body weight, and body mass index - BMI.

Alpha oxy spa capsule with body mask (30 min.)   45,00 €

The oxygen capsule device combines various different processes. It uses oxygen, aromas, vibro-massage, dry sauna and chromo therapy to relax your body and revitalize your skin. The device is intended for losing weight, cellulite elimination and antitoxic effect.

Spry tan-whole body   30,00 €

A unique system of spraying paint on the body, which provides immediate tanning and achieves the appearance of a natural tan, nourishes the skin and has a pleasant smell.

Presoteraphy - drainage   30,00 €

The device with lymph technique for elimination of needless toxins out of the body.

Beauty tretaments for hands and feet

Hand treatment (30 min.)   40,00 €

It includes pushing the cuticle, nail shaping, palm massage.

Spa hand tretament  (50 min.)   55,00 €

Hand treatments with the use of powerful nourishing ingredients, which include exfoliation, nail shaping, a mask and a stimulating hand massage. 

Nail Polish   15,00 €

High-performance nail varnishes containing innovative nanotechnology, thus increasing and creating incredible durability, strength and shine.

Paraffin Hand Treatment   20,00 €

Hand wrap, which nourishes the hands and with the help of the thermal effect of paraffin, alleviates joint problems.    

Aestetic Pedicure (50 min.)   38,00 €

Includes soaking feet in a bath, removing hard skin, shaping nails and removing cuticles, nail and foot care.

Medical Pedicure (80 min.)   48,00 €

Suitable for people suffering from diabetic feet, of ingrown nails, very hard skin, calluses.

Spa leg and foot care (80 min.)   50,00 €

Pampering in the herbal bath, filing and shaping nails and removing hard skin on the feet, exfoliating and massaging the legs to the knees, applying nail.    


Legs   30,00 €

Legs partial   20,00 €

Brazilian   35,00 €

Bikini   20,00 €

Facial hair removal   15,00 €

La Vita Hair


hair wash 5,00 €
hair cut 18,00 €
hair cut fru - fru 10,00 €
combing 3,00 €
blow dry 17,50 €
waves 14,00 €
coloring - short lenght 24,00 €
coloring - mid lenght 26,00 €
coloring - long lenght 30,00 €
coloring without material 12,00 €
highligts full head 22,00 €
highligts half head 11,00 €
permanent preparation - short lenght 24,00 €
permanent preparation - mid lenght 26,00 €
permanent preparation - long lenght 30,00 €
hair up 40,00 €


hair wash 3,00 €
hair cut 13,00 €


hair wash 3,00 €
hair cut 8,00 €


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Monday - Saturday: 08.00 to 21.00
Sunday: 08.00 to 14.00


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