Thermal baths

Relax your body and mind

The thermal marble baths, housed in the Spa Centre since 1874, have kept their original form and are considered an attraction worth stopping for. You can also pamper yourself in Hotel Vita’s baths.


The Spa Centre’s the thermal marble baths have preserved their original form since 1874, and are an attraction well worth making a stop for; their healing thermal water flow straight from the spring, providing a genuine form of relaxation.

Our thermal baths are available at Hotel Vita, where you will enjoy wonderful moments with your loved ones.


  • Classical thermal bath
  • Thermal detox bath
  • Thermal bath with sodium bicarbonate
  • Cleopatra’s thermal bath
  • Romantic thermal bath
  • Thermal bath with essential oils



Working time

Baths – Hotel Vita
Monday - Friday: 08.00 – 20.00
Saturday and Sunday: 15.00 – 22.00

Baths - Zdraviliški dom
Monday - Sunday, 13.00 - 20.00


Reception desk of Hotel Vita (ground floor)
T: +386 3 78 08 190

Reception desk of baths in Zdraviliški dom
T: +386 3 78 08 503


  1 person 2 persons

Bath in thermal water 15,00 € 22,00 €

Detoxification bath 22,00 € 32,00 €

A bath prepared on Dead sea mud and Moroccan clay for the purpose of detoxifying the body and to return minerals and oligo elements to the epidermis. Available only in the Spa centre (only in the Spa Centre »Zdraviliški dom«).

Baking soda detox bath 18,00 € 22,00 €

Warm water improves blood circulation and expands the capillaries, which helps the body eliminate toxins. Baking soda baths are known for their positive effect on pH balance. The body absorbs basic minerals from the bath and eliminates acid toxins through the skin.

Cleopatra's oil bath 22,00 € 32,00 €

A mixture of Dead Sea and Epsom salts with added ethereal oils of geranium, bergamot, Ylang-ylang, and patchouli- suitable for intensive hydration of skin and detoxification. The skin stays remain soft after a bath and pleasantly perfumed.Suitable for relaxation and pleasure. (only in the Health Resort »Zdraviliški dom«).

Romantic bath (30 min)   35,00 €

Romantic bath (60 min)   45,00 €

Herbal bath 18,00 €  

Herbal addition in the bath 3,00 €  

Thermal water 1,00 €