Quality and safety

Quality is the distinctive feature of numerous effects of work, knowledge, and competencies of all participants in the process of creating services, which we have nurtured and developed for many years at the company Terme Dobrna d.d. on the basis of natural resources and ever-evolving knowledge. We provide a comprehensive and safe tourist and health experience to guests and patients of the Terme Dobrna d.d. health resort, based on the highest-quality health services and the latest tourist accommodation standards.

We acknowledge our responsibility for continuous quality and safety improvement at Terme Dobrna, which serves as a guideline and represents the company's work culture, which we describe as the beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, skills, and behaviors that define commitment, style, and professionalism in ensuring quality and safety.

Our Quality policy is ensured through the prudent management of a quality system that is consistent with the company's vision and strategic orientation. We recognise that service quality is a critical component of the company's efficiency and success. 
We are proud stewards of quality standards that we continuously maintain and upgrade through continuous improvement and employee education, which distinguishes us on an international level/ in an international environment. Our mission is to develop and market high-quality, innovative medical-tourist products that are centered on the guest's perceived need to resolve a specific (relevant) health problem through the use of superior health services, natural resources, and expertise, while maintaining a high standard of comfort during their stay.

We consider the needs, requirements, wishes, and expectations of our guests, patients, and employees, who all play a critical role in the activity's execution, and thus make service quality a fundamental responsibility of all those involved in its planning and execution.

We ensure service quality through the following measures: 

  • Work procedures and responsibilities that are precisely defined, as well as their consistent implementation and analysis of performance,
  • professional staff development and collaboration with educational and professional institutions,
  • support and implementation of research activities aimed at generating new knowledge, as well as collaboration with the profession,
  • monitoring and investing in employees' development, advancement, and satisfaction,
  • meeting the requirements of the AACI - American Accreditation Commission International Standard for Hospitals. 

Partnerships and community support: 

  •  Local environment

By involving local suppliers in our supply chain, we hope to have a positive and responsible impact on the local environment. We promote the local and broader environment, thereby contributing to the tourist region's holistic and sustainable development.

  •  Social community

We seek partnerships with and support for social communities (cultural and other associations, schools, collaboration with the municipality, etc.) that we also financially support and dynamize in order to achieve the shared goal of long-term creation of a comprehensive offer of modern tourist and spa cultural heritage. 

  •  Education and development

We strive to incorporate advancements and research at the applied level of medical rehabilitation, which are housed within the IARMR Institute, into our work in the field of medicine (gynecology, urology, neurology, orthopedics, psychotherapy, rheumatology, infectology and speech therapy). This collaboration and knowledge have propelled us to the top of the medical profession's providers list (diagnostic and treatment services, rehabilitation and special treatment, nursing and prevention and other activities).

We improve our work based on pre-defined guidelines and challenges, which we address through corrective action mechanisms integrated into the implementation of quality standards across all aspects of our operations.